About the App: Codenza is a Programming GuideBook for IT/Computer Science Students to help them with the aspects of programming. It covers over 30+ programming languages and subtopics which are categorized in a way that is easy for everyone to access and understand. The project was initiated as a joke in my second year of engineering. I, with my partner back then (Pratik Paranjape), wanted programming samples handy to copy and use every now and then in our projects we worked. Hence we started tinkering with Android Studio and built the app. It took us around a year to build it completely. There are many apps like codenza but they are specific to programming languages. So we started writing programs, collecting them, borrowing from different websites etc.

People started contributing and it grew, it grew fast. We don’t get much time to contribute and update it but we try our best to serve our 3,50,000+ users. Our team is really small and only 2-3 actual developers maintaining it. We are students, early job seekers so it gets a bit hectic with our schedule.

Codenza is a repository of computer programming for anyone who likes to learn code and finish off assignments quickly. Use it at your own will. You can also contribute by submitting programs. (Nobody Does)

Libraries Used: PDDStudio-HightlightJs-android

Why we use ads: To pay our daily expenses, server and domain charges. If you do not like advertisements in the app, feel free to buy the PRO Version

Founders: Divyendra Patil, Pratik Paranjape

Team: (Current Lead Programmer) Rahul Yadav, Tanmoy Karmokar, Prathamesh Dhanorkar, Ninad Yadav.

Special Thanks to our Contributors: Mahesh Ingle, Suraj Pasi, Tatiana Moronta and more around the globe who have come forward to share their reviews and opinions with us.




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IOS: In the making