Privacy Policy of Codenza

Personal Identification Information

We do not collect any personal identification information from users. Visitors to our site/app can engage in various activities without providing any personal details. Our policy ensures complete anonymity for users, and no forms or methods are employed to collect such information.

Non-personal Identification Information

No non-personal identification information is gathered from users. Our policy strictly prohibits the collection of data such as browser type, computer type, operating system, internet service provider, or any other similar information related to the user’s means of connection to our site.

Web Browser Cookies

Our site does not use “cookies.” We ensure that users’ web browsers will not place cookies on their hard drive, either for record-keeping purposes or for tracking information. This policy applies to all parts of our site, guaranteeing that users’ browsing experience is unaffected by cookie usage.

Use of Collected Information

Since we do not collect any personal or non-personal information from our users, there are no practices in place for using such data. Our site and app are designed to function without requiring any user information.

Protection of Information

Given that no user information is collected, there is no need for data collection, storage, processing practices, or security measures related to personal or non-personal information.

Sharing of Personal Information

Since we do not collect any personal identification information from users, there is no possibility of selling, trading, or renting this type of data to others.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Codenza commits to not collecting user information, and any changes to this policy will reflect further reinforcement of this commitment. We will notify users of any policy changes on our main site page and encourage regular reviews of our policy for updates.

Your Acceptance of These Terms

By using our site, you acknowledge and accept our policy of not collecting any personal or non-personal information. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use our Site/App. Continued use of the site will be regarded as acceptance of our privacy practices.